Franchising Ideas Under $10,000
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Franchising Ideas Under $10,000

Discover the types of franchising ideas under $10,000 that currently exist. These franchises provide outstanding customer support and cost very little to initially.

Franchising ideas are popular methods for starting a new business with little effort. Unfortunately, the overall lack of knowledge regarding the day to day running of these business ideas despite the prolific amount of information available regarding how to start one is staggering. This fact of entrepreneurship is one that often frightens away potential business owners. However, there is an answer to this issue. This answer is to begin with a small business franchise by utilizing franchising ideas under $10,000.

Franchise opportunities vary from the truly massive companies of the world to small franchising ideas under $10,000. The start-up costs of franchising ideas are only part of the expense. There is also marketing, working capital, insurance, and other fees such as permits for the local business administration where the franchise will be located to be considered.

These types of franchising ideas are often the best for start-up entrepreneurs due to the lower cost and ease in which they work. Typical examples of franchising ideas under $10,000 include online travel related businesses, vending machine ownership, various types of kiosks, and tech support services.

There are several benefits for using franchising ideas under $10,000 as a basis for starting a new company. The lower initial start-up costs are an obvious factor. However, there are other reasons that can be cited as well. Many of these franchises do not charge franchising fees. The entrepreneur will open up a new business using the franchise's business model but that will be the end of the relationship. The franchise fee costs for initial purchase cover the price of needed materials and the rights to use the company name.

Many of these franchising ideas are for home based businesses. DIY websites, learning how to sell products online, and other business concepts are all capable of being franchised. These businesses are just like any other. They require hard work and perseverance in order to be successful.

Three Franchising Ideas Under $10,000

The following franchising opportunities are a sample of the variety of possible start-up business ideas available currently. These franchising ideas are all capable of being purchased and used for less than $10,000. However, a few of them have optional packages that can be purchased for more money up-front.

My Very Own Adventure

This little gem of a franchising idea provides a green screen service for its customers. People will come to the company studio and use the green screen to place them into a movie or cartoon scenario. These mini-movies can be fun little ways to express themselves. Who wouldn't want a video where they are fighting off ninjas, driving a race car,, or fending of a horde of zombies? This franchise offers 15 separate video adventures with take-home DVDs for the customer.


Total Investment: $7,495-$19,995

Initial Fee: N/A

Royalty Fee: $2.00/DVD

Advertising Fee: N/A

My Very Own Adventure!

c/o Cybergraphix, Inc.

383 State Route 511

Nova, OH


Phone: 419-652-2203

Toll Free: 1-866-505-MVOA (6862)

Fax: 419-652-2201

Website: My Very Own Adventure

Apartment Selector

This franchising idea is based around creating an online apartment selection site


Total Investment: $3,000-$13,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $25,000

Royalty Fee: N/A

Advertising Fee: N/A

Apartment Selector

P.O. Box 8355

Dallas, TX


Phone: 800-324-FREE

Website: Apartment selector

Dream Maker Hot Dog Carts

This nifty little franchising idea is based around the well-known hot dog cart vendor profession. Whether these vendors work at sporting events, concerts, or even at open-air flea markets the end result is the same. The customer receives a quality snack food and the owner receives good money in return.


Total Investment: $2,899-$15,999

Initial Fee: N/A

Royalty Fee: N/A

Advertising Fee: N/A

Dream Maker Hot Dog Carts

2619 23rd Avenue North

St Petersburg, FL


Phone: 727.735.3718

Toll Free: 800.408.1802

Fax: 727.327.0682

Website: Dream Maker Hot Dog Carts

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Comments (4)

You have given a great assortment of $10,000 start ups. I think My very own adventure will sell and prosper. Well done.Promoted.

Good alternatives for the beginning entrepreneur. I live in a city where tourism is a major part of the economy, and I know of a few hot-dog vendors who make exceptionally high salaries with their vending carts year round (our weather is very temperate).

Really didn't think franchises were this low priced.

There are many franchising opportunities for under $10,000. The major companies get the most press with their million dollar franchises, but there are many small start-up companies that want to expand.