How To Introduce A New Product, Disposable Curtains, In the Market
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How To Introduce A New Product, Disposable Curtains, In the Market

Ever thought of supplying disposable curtains to hospitals and spas? This can be a profitable line of business that you can consider; however, before you do so, consider these facts whose aim is to provide you the basics when putting up a new business, particularly in the line of business of disposable curtains.

If sanitation is an important aspect of your daily business operations, you will most likely consider sourcing out disposable materials on your business requirements’ list. Hospitals and Spas are the primary users of disposable products. One of which are disposable curtains.

What are Disposable Curtains?

A disposable curtain is an alternative to the traditional curtain. Using this will surely save you time and cost. With its user-friendly features, anyone can basically install this with minimal time required. Maintenance is not big of a deal because you can simply discard it depending on your business needs. Hospitals have stricter rules with regard to disposing used curtains. Meanwhile, in some businesses wherein disposable curtains are used as cubicle curtains, with proper care, disposable curtains may be used longer than usual. For hospitals, plain-colored disposable curtains are usually their option. Spas may prefer disposable curtains that have prints or with a more fierce design. Thus, if this is a product you want to venture into, find the best feature that you want to focus into and make sure you are the leader in your chosen niche.

How to introduce your product to the market

1. Know your product

Analyze the unique features of your product. Where would you like to focus on? Is it the style, safety features, user-friendly features, cost, quality, etc. Once you determine the best asset of your product, you have to think of ways on how to present that, highlighting the best features. The above mentioned are the product specifications that most consumers are looking for. If you are able to provide everything to them, then you will definitely dominate in this line of business, but this is easier said than done.

If you think your product can become the leader in manufacturing stylish disposable curtains, then you should be able to create unique disposable curtains that your chosen market will surely purchase. If you would like to be the preferred provider of disposable curtains to hospitals, then quality and sanitation can be your best selling points.

Growth is something that you shouldn’t ignore. What if you have closed several deals with major hospitals, spas, and other clients, do you have enough machinery to supply the growing demand of your customers. If your company can offer production in high quantity at a minimal time that will definitely entice your clients to have a long-term business relationship with you.

2. Know your Market

It is important that you know who your target market is. You can first start by segmenting your market. With market segmentation you have to study your market thoroughly in order for you to know the kind of approach or marketing strategy to apply to successfully convince them and finally close the deal with them.

For instance, you would like to supply disposable curtains to public hospitals. First, you have to determine the attributes of public hospitals. In most cases, pricing is a very important factor before budget is approved for every purchase. Therefore, if your product offers good quality at a reasonable cost, you will highly be considered by them.

Usually, public hospitals have more patients. Do you have enough supply to distribute in case they place their order? Sometimes, the release of the budget takes time. What offers can you give to your prospective client, in this case public hospitals? Are you willing to supply them with the products first and have the payment at a later time? Do you have enough supply to give them in the event the pay you today and would like the items delivered the next day? Make sure you are ready to face these kinds of situation.

Flexibility is always the key. If you can adjust to the varying needs of your clients then that is definitely plus point. You should also be open to ideas and suggestions that your clients give out. After all, they are the ones using your product. Thus, their feedback can be an effective tool for your continuous product development.


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