How to Write a Proposal Writing a Persuasive Business Proposal
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How to Write a Proposal Writing a Persuasive Business Proposal

How to Write a Proposal. Here are a few tips for writing a great business proposal that's both professional and persuasive.

Writing a business proposal to ask for money for a non-profit organization, for a sponsorship proposal, or otherwise is both an important, and very stressful endeavor - a lot is expected out of you and the proposal that you're about to write, so it must be very convincing and well written.

First, keep in mind your goals when writing the proposal or business proposal. The goals should go toward the beginning of the proposal, as people often remember what they've read first and last and (unfortunately) skim through the middle of the business proposal.

If you keep in mind your goals however, and state them in the beginning of the business proposal, it will not only help convince whoever you're writing the proposal to, but help you keep in mind what you're writing the proposal for in the first place.

Next, in addition to your goals, and what the proposal is hoping to accomplish for the client, explain who you are, and your good points - hard working, trust worthy, past projects you've excelled at. If you're writing the business proposal the representative for a business, do likewise for the business's high points.

The third most important thing the person you are writing for will care about when you're writing a proposal, is money. In addition to your goals for the project and why you're the perfect person to complete the project, the next most important thing the proposee is going to care about when you write a proposal is how much it's going to cost. If the cost is high when writing your proposal, lessen the impact of a high cost by making your goals seem even more important and in their best interest, or by adding more positives to offset the cost when you write a proposal.

Finally, include the technical stuff in your business proposal - how long will the project take, what money is allocated where, who is responsible for what, what resources are necessary, ect. This can be the hardest part to get through when writing a proposal, so be sure to keep this as brief as possible.

Finally, finish off writing your proposal by restating who you are, why it would be beneficial to agree to whatever you're proposing, and why you are the best person to handle the project. This will be the last thing they see when reading your proposal, so restating these things when you write your proposal will make sure that it sticks in their mind clearly. Attach any necessary documents, and finish off your proposal, being glad you're finally done with your proposal writing.

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New York Clubs

Thanks for that - I'm in the middle of writing a proposal and this is really helpful

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